Hosting & maintaining your applications, all-inclusive.

Why WellHost?

  • We run anything that fits into a container - from static sites to full stack apps.
  • We advice you, give you a second perspective and get you sorted out with our tried and proven infrastructure.
  • Your missing link between programming and server.
  • Hosting consultancy giving a second perspective on your project.
  • Save resources and focus on your core business.

Service Highlights

We do your public facing web apps and your internal tools

All inclusive Hosting



Cloud Services Integration

Administration of Selfhosted Services

Staging and Production Environments

CI/CD Workflows Implementation

Common Setups

Think about which ones do you run that we could take care of

Static site with a nextjs backend?

React frontend apps with WordPress API backend

Wiki.js + PostgreSQL Database for your company-internal knowledgebase

Gitlab server with decentralized runners

Hosting a Plausible stack for usage statistics of your client projects

Ruby on Rails app with sidecar services Sidekiq, Redis and a dedicated PostgreSQL instance

Our Added Value

You get us on demand — your organisation stays lean.

All our hosting includes backup, recovery, monitoring by default.

We concentrate adminstrative knowledge from many previous projects

We easily integrate with your current workflows and upgrade those with our goodies.

A Selection Of Our Tools








All for a flat fee

50€ per month, excl. vat with a 30 day free trial.